CCP Client 'CO332'
Primary Care Medical Practice in High Growth Region

Clayton Capital Partners is pleased to exclusively represent CO332 (the “Company”) in the sale of its business. CO332 is a primary care medical practice located in a high growth region in the Intermountain West.


• Convenient Locations & Extended Hours 
The Company prides itself on offering its patients quality care during convenient hours. With state-of-the-art medical facilities, loyal patients enjoy superior health care close to home, with expanded hours 7:00am-10:00pm, seven days per week, 364 days per year.


• Multiple Forms of Payment Accepted 
CO332 accepts nearly every insurance for patient care. Patients are able to continue visiting their established providers despite changes in employment and insurance affiliation. Patients without insurance are able to self-pay or may qualify for the innovative 501c(3) non-profit created by the founder.


• Quality Care 
The Company has won many awards highlighting its commitment to quality and innovation, and a major contributing factor is its dedicated employees consistently exceeding patient expectations. The Company offers employees additional workplace training engaging them in practical application, problem solving and leadership opportunities. As a result, patients receive the highest level of care from well-trained staff.


• Long-Tenured Team 
The average tenure of CO332’s management team is over 15 years. These dedicated individuals have helped the Company continually achieve its goal of providing the highest standard of care and serving the community.


• Opportunities for Growth 
The Company has a variety of growth opportunities. CO332 can build additional locations in medically underserved areas as well as expand one of its current facilities and employ additional providers. Further, the Company can implement and promote measures such as online appointment booking, digital patient portals and the use of its mobile app to improve patients’ accessibility to their information. This would allow the Company to see more patients, especially those who are unable to travel.

CO332 Financial Highlights
Income Tax Basis
12 Months Ended
Income Tax Basis
Year Ended
Income Tax Basis
Year Ended
Income Tax Basis
Year Ended
Net Revenues
$11,895,074 $11,235,498 $10,124,911 $8,764,900
Adjusted EBITDA $2,061,348 $1,665,504 $1,683,014 $919,194
Adjusted EBITDA %
17% 15% 17% 10%

The undersigned hereby agrees:


That all information, data and materials disclosed or furnished (herein called the Information) by Clayton Capital Partners Acquisition Candidate CO332 (herein called the Company) will be maintained strictly confidential and that, in consideration for such disclosure, no use of the Information will be made by any signing party, or employees of such party, other than for evaluation purposes, on a strictly confidential basis.


It is understood that disclosure of any of the Information, including the possibility that the Shareholders may consider sale, disclosure of the current status of the Company, or disclosure of any information to customers, vendors, competitors, or employees of the Company would cause serious financial damage to the Company and/or its affiliates.


The undersigned also agrees that, for the term of this agreement, they will not solicit for employment any management-level employee, executive-level employee, or any employee of the Company with whom the undersigned came into contact with as a result of the proposed transaction. Nothing herein shall preclude the undersigned from hiring any employee who responds to a general solicitation so long as it is not targeted at the Company or its employees (including through the use of search firms) or who contacts the undersigned of their own accord.


The undersigned agrees not to copy, duplicate, disclose or deliver all or any portion of the Information to a third party or permit any other third party to inspect, copy or duplicate the same except those parties deemed necessary by the undersigned to evaluate the possible transaction (including agents, advisors, affiliates, accountants, attorneys, consultants, and lenders). It is understood that the undersigned may disclose Information to only parties who (i) require such material for the purpose of evaluating a possible transaction and (ii) are informed by the undersigned of the confidential nature of the Information and agree to be bound by the terms hereof. The undersigned further agrees to be responsible for any breach of this agreement by the above mentioned parties, and that these parties will not use any of the Information for any reason or purpose other than to evaluate a possible transaction or in any way detrimental to the Company.


This shall not, however, prevent the undersigned from disclosing to others or using in any manner:

  1. Information which has been published and has become part of the public domain other than by acts or omissions by the receiving party
  2. Information which has been furnished or made known to the undersigned by third parties as a matter of right without restriction of disclosure
  3. Information which the undersigned can show was already in its possession at the time it entered into this Agreement and which was not acquired directly or indirectly from the Company, their representatives, its employees or their representatives, or
  4. Information which is independently developed by the undersigned or its representatives.

This agreement shall remain in effect for a term of two years from the execution date hereof and upon request, the receiving party will promptly return or destroy all data and materials furnished by the Company and destroy any internal analyses and/or workpapers related to the evaluation of the Company. The undersigned shall be permitted to retain copies of Information for the sole purpose of complying with applicable laws and not be required to destroy electronic Information saved for backup and bonafide record retention policies in the ordinary course of business. Any such retained Information shall remain subject to the confidentiality obligations of this agreement for so long as such information is retained.

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CCP Client 'CO332'
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